Volunteers at Planned Parenthood Ottawa

If you are committed to a pro-choice, rainbow-positive, sex-positive, and non-judgmental philosophy you will enjoy being a volunteer at PPO. We will provide you with the opportunity to learn about sexual and reproductive health, participate in our numerous programs, be active in the community, and meet a fantastic group of volunteers and staff who are committed to making healthy sexuality a reality for everyone in the Ottawa community.

Amazing volunteers contribute to all levels of PPO’s work, including: Board of Directors, sexual health counseling, community education workshops and kiosks, special event management, condom distribution, communications, office support, email and telephone support and referrals, fundraising, etc.

If you have an expertise and/or energy and time that you would like to contribute to improving sexual health services, please contact our Options Coordinator to discuss ways you can help or to get more information on future training opportunities. We will verify references and conduct a police record check.

All new volunteers are required to attend our Orientation, offered once a year. We ask for a minimum commitment of 8 hours a month for at least one year from new volunteers. For more information, please contact our Options Coordinator at (613) 226-3234 dial 1 or email to options@ppottawa.ca.

What is the process to become a volunteer?

To start the volunteer application process you will often be asked to fill out an application form. When we are recruiting new volunteers the form will be available here. If the form is not available, please watch our social media pages (Facebook or Twitter) and we will post when the application becomes available.

When becoming a volunteer with Planned Parenthood Ottawa (PPO), you will be interviewed either individually or in a group setting.

During individual interviews you will often meet two of our staff members and be asked some questions about your skills, beliefs, and values.

In group settings we try our very best to accommodate those who are quiet or introverted. In group interviews you will often meet two or more staff members who will facilitate a few activities with you in order to gage your skills, beliefs and values.

What is the volunteer training like?

Our initial training is 4-5 Saturdays in a row where you will meet the other volunteers and learn about a variety of topics. The training topics include: how oppression impacts sexual and reproductive health access, Gender and Sexuality, STIs, Contraception, Anatomy, Newcomer experiences related to sexual and reproductive health, Decolonizing Sexuality, Anti-racism, and Sex and Disability.

Volunteers who take the initial baseline training are eligible to take our education training (to become a volunteer education facilitator) and our options training (to become a volunteer options counsellor).

The education training usually is 2 days (or 4 half days) in which we cover topics such as: behavioural change models of education, tips for facilitation, how to challenge power dynamics in the classroom, how to handle tricky questions or situations, and how to adapt our workshops for different groups. Following the education training, volunteer education facilitators will work as a mentee with the education coordinator to continue to build their skills as an educator.

The options training is usually a day (or two half days). In our options training we discuss our counselling theory, basic counselling skills, decision making strategies, and detailed information on parenting, adoption, abortion, contraception, and STIs. Following the options training, volunteer options counsellors will work as a mentee with fully trained options counsellors for approximately 6 sessions, or until they are ready to take on a full counselling role.

How often do you train new volunteers?

Currently we recruit and train new volunteers once as year since new volunteers require significant amount of training and staff time. Usually, we train new volunteers in April/May or in August/September. Please keep an eye on our social media pages (Facebook and Twitter) as we will post when we are recruiting new volunteers.

What is volunteering like?

A variety of tasks are required to keep PPO functioning. We owes a lot of thanks to our volunteers who help us keep going.

Volunteering can look like: working to support a specific program, kiosking, volunteer counselling, system navigation, updating our materials, helping the education program with developing and creating materials, condom blitzing and many more.

Generally, volunteering with PPO looks like the process described above however, if you are interested in becoming a board member, have specialized skills in fundraising, computer science, graphics, advertising and communications, or speak multiple languages please contact us individually to see if we can accommodate an alternative volunteering process for you. These are areas of expertise in which we require significant support in.

Join the PPO Board

If you’re a leader in the community and would like to become a leader within Planned Parenthood Ottawa, learn about how you can join our Board of Directors.

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