Planned Parenthood Ottawa’s in-house staff

Department Name  Staff Ext. Email
Executive Director Elliot Chapple 301
Curriculum Developer Léa Gareau, Coordinator
Pregnancy Options Counselling Jessa Millar, Coordinator 100
Education and Training Ceara McIntyre, Coordinator 306
Communications and Volunteer Fa’Ttima Omran, Coordinator

Elliot Chapple – Executive Director

Elliot is a transgender man with a diverse background in community organizations, academia, and government. He has extensive experience in strategic planning, policy, with robust research experience, proven grant-writing success, and a strong management history. Elliot is the former Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Newfoundland and Labrador Sexual Health Centre (PPNLSHC), and has moved to Ottawa from St. John’s.

Jessa Millar – Options Counselling Coordinator

Jessa is a passionate and dedicated proponent of holistic mental and sexual health, human rights and societal prosperity. Her feminist, client-centred, anti-oppressive and trauma-informed framework has been shaped by her psychology studies, and her years working locally and internationally on women’s and gender-based issues with non-profit organizations. An active volunteer of Planned Parenthood Ottawa since 2013, Jessa has had the opportunity to take on many roles within the organization, including options counselling, community education, office support, event planning, proposal writing, and facilitating the recruitment and training of new volunteers as PPO’s Training Coordinator during the spring of 2016. When not at Planned Parenthood Jessa can be found smiling her way around Elgin Street talking to everyone about everything.

Ceara McIntyre – Education and Training Coordinator

Ceara was born and raised in Ottawa and has been involved with Planned Parenthood Ottawa since 2016. She is currently completing her bachelor of social work at Carleton University and aims to use an anti-oppressive, post-modern, and client-centred approach when working with people. Ceara has experience in system navigation, crisis counselling and providing education support, specifically to youth. She is also passionate about finding ways to create sustainable structural changes that support communities experiencing oppression. In her spare time, Ceara likes to turn down her teacher voice and spend time cooking or cuddling with her cat Lucy.