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Birth Control

There are many forms of birth control, and Planned Parenthood Ottawa can help find the right one for you. Another word for birth control is contraception. Contraception can be divided into six main categories.

Cheap: These forms of birth control are relatively cheap, or inexpensive over long time use.

Non-Hormonal: These forms of birth control do not contain hormones.

Most Effective: These forms of birth control have an effectiveness rate of 90% or higher.

Easy to Hide: These forms of birth control are easy to hide from the people in your life, including your sexual partner.

Prevents STI’s: These forms of birth control also reduce your risk of STI’s.

No Prescription Required: You can often get these forms of birth control over the counter at a pharmacy where you don’t have to talk to a medical provider.

Emergency Birth Control: Whether your birth control failed you, or no form of contraception was used, if you want to avoid pregnancy, these might be some options for you.