Tubal Ligation

This method might work for you if you… want a permanent form of birth control and you are comfortable undergoing a medical procedure.

Tubal Ligation is a permanent form of birth control that prevents the egg (or ova) from travelling through the fallopian tube to find a sperm. 

To get a tubal ligation in Ontario, you need a referral to a specialized healthcare provider who can perform the surgery. The surgery blocks or cuts the fallopian tubes, which stops the egg from travelling and finding a sperm. If you need help getting connected to a healthcare provider that can answer your questions about tubal ligation, feel free to contact us at PPO!

If you have an Ontario Health Insurance Plan card (OHIP), the cost of tubal ligation is covered. If you have another form of health insurance, most of the procedure may also be covered. Tubal Ligations are 99% effective at preventing pregnancy.