Internal Condom

This method might work for you if… you want STI protection and you are comfortable inserting it into your vagina.

An internal condom (female condom) is used inside the vagina to prevent sperm from finding an egg (or ova), which prevents pregnancy. Internal condoms also help reduce the risk of STIs and therefore can be used inside the butt for anal sex. The internal condom has a plastic ring inside the tube to help with placement and the opening of the ring will hang just outside the body. The internal condom is also commonly latex free.

Internal condoms can be bought at some pharamcies, speciality sex stores, and sexual heath centres. To use, ensure the packaging is not damaged and that the condom is not expired. Open the condom, hold the condom with the open end hanging down. Squeeze the inner ring with your fingers. Insert the closed end of the condom into your vagina or anus. Make sure the condom is not twisted and that the outer ring lies against the vulva or anus. After intercourse, the condom should be removed before you stand up. Squeeze and twist the outer ring to keep the semen inside the condom.

The internal condom is 79% effective at preventing pregnancy with typical use. In Ottawa, internal condoms are usually $5 each (or $15 for a package of 3). PPO provides free internal condoms in our office or you can order them for free from Ottawa Public Health using this website.