This method might work for you if… you are comfortable inserting it into your own vagina.

The Diaphragm is a silicone dome that covers the cervix (the area at the top of the vagina) and prevents sperm from getting inside. The diaphragm is most effective when used with a specialized cream or gel like spermicide or lactic acid, which helps prevent sperm from getting into the cervix.

You can get a one-size-fits-most diaphragm called Caya at pharmacies without a prescription. While not every pharmacy will carry a diaphragm on the shelf, you can often ask pharmacies to order a diaphragm in for you. You can also ask a healthcare provider about getting a custom fit diaphragm as well. To use the diaphragm, start placing lactic acid or spermicide inside the dome shape of the diaphragm. Then squeeze the rim of the diaphragm until the sides touch together and insert it into the vagina as far up as possible. After vaginal sex, leave the diaphragm in for at least 6 hours to ensure that it prevents any sperm from entering the cervix. Do not keep the diaphragm in for more than 24 hours. When you remove the diaphragm, wash it with mild soap and water. Diaphragms usually last about a year depending on the amount of use.

The diaphragm is about 83% effective at preventing pregnancy with typical use and is around $75-$100 in Ottawa. The gels for the diaphragm can be around $30.