This method might work for you if… you recently gave birth, are feeding your baby breastmilk, and are breastfeeding (or chestfeeding) every 4/hrs a day…

Breastfeeding (or chestfeeding) can be used as a form of birth control if: you have not experienced a period (or menstruation) since giving birth, you gave birth within the last 6 months, only feed your baby breast milk, and breastfeed (or chestfeed) every 4 hours during the day and 6 hours at night. When you breastfeed (or chestfeed) on this schedule, the hormones (or chemicals) that are naturally occurring in the body temporarily change to stop the release of an egg (ovulation) while you feed your new baby. Without the release of an egg, your body will not experience a period (or menstruation) either.

When used carefully to ensure all the conditions are consistently met, this method can be 98% effective at preventing pregnancy and is free!