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Community Outreach

The Planned Parenthood Ottawa Outreach Program aims to improve our reach and capacity to serve people who face barriers within sexual and reproductive health services. Our goal is to improve health outcomes by strengthening our partnerships to five underserved populations. The target groups are as follows; homelessness and under-housed, New Canadians, Indigenous people, youth and people with disabilities. Participants of the Planned Parenthood Ottawa Outreach will be a primary source of information around sexual and reproductive health. And through their established relationships with community members, they will be able to build confidence to engage with others around having conversations within sexual health education.

Workshops to Increase Your Knowledge around Sexual and Reproductive Health

Planned Parenthood Ottawa will train community workers to become more fluent around sexual and reproductive health. Training is free and will be booked through the outreach coordinator. Workshops currently available through the outreach program:

Values and Attitudes about Sex and Sexuality

We all have ideas about sexuality, but supporting a client to develop a healthy sexuality means putting our values aside and supporting the decision of your client. This workshop is designed to help community members challenge their values and attitudes about sexuality in order to support any client who might come to us in need. We will then test our ability to support a client by answering sample questions youth have asked Planned Parenthood Ottawa Educators. This workshop will be two hours in length.

Decolonizing attitudes and Indigenizing knowledge around Sexual and Reproductive Health 

In this workshop, we will discuss common attitudes around sexuality and sexual and reproductive health within the Indigenous communities. We will talk about the unique sexual and reproductive health needs that the Indigenous communities face and the barriers while trying to access mainstream services.

Gender Diversity 101

This workshop will debunk myths and provide information about a range of gender diverse identities and experiences. Participants will learn a range of information regarding the complexities of gender diversity, terminology, biology and methods of how we can be more inclusive for gender diverse individuals.

Contraception & Sexually Transmitted Infections

This workshop gives participants up-to-date knowledge around the various methods of contraception and safe sex activities. We will also dive into the skills to understand transmission, symptoms, testing and treatments for Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Workshops can be customized based on the community, and training is free.

To participate, please contact Nitsuh Mekonnen, Community Outreach Program Coordinator.