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Pregnancy Options Counselling

We offer FREE pro-choice pregnancy options counseling to provide support any decision, whether abortion, adoption or parenting.

Decisions surrounding an unplanned pregnancy can be influenced by many factors, including your values, beliefs, relationships, work and study goals, financial stability, age, existing family size, and cultural background. The decision may influence the rest of your life and can seem overwhelming.

When properly supported, however, a decision about pregnancy options can be empowering — the decision belongs to us alone. It may be very difficult, or it may be obvious. We can choose to see that making this decision gives a level of control over our lives and bodies that we didn’t see before.

The process of making a decision offers us a chance to reflect on our relationships, our support networks, our work or study goals, our life plans, and how much these things mean to us. This process of evaluation can also help us identify changes to improve our quality of life, regardless what option we choose.

To book an appointment or if you need to speak with someone on the phone, please call us at 613-226-3234 dial 1 (for Options) or email