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Parent Peer Leadership

Parent Peer Leadership (PPL)

School isn’t the only place our children and youth are getting sex education. Young people are virtually surrounded by information about sex and relationships – on billboards, on TV, on the Internet and now on their phones. Friends and peers also play a huge role in educating and influencing each other, but are such messages accurate, appropriate and adequate for decision-making? Equally important, are messages in line with individual, family and/or community values? The Parent Peer Leadership program is here close the gaps between individuals and their families.

Schools only teach facts – parents and communities teach values

Many newcomer and immigrant parents seek to preserve their values even as their children undergo ‘cultural transition’. This can challenge their traditional parenting roles. More importantly, every parent wants to keep their young ones healthy, happy and safe.

Become a ‘Parent Peer Leader’

Our new PPL program aims to improve parent-child communication on sexual and reproductive health and safety among Ottawa’s immigrant communities. It is modeled after a successful Toronto-based initiative that continues to run after 14 years reaching immigrant parents in 13 cultural communities and linguistic groups…communities just like yours.

Who are Parent Peer Leaders?

Parent Peer Leaders are parents, guardians, caregivers and adult allies who are willing to undergo training, generate conversations and lead discussion groups in their communities on children’s healthy development and sexuality. The PPL project aims to equip and empower immigrant parents and caregivers to be primary sources of sexual information and relationship support for their growing children and others under their care. In addition to learning new things and building confidence to engage others, participating as a Peer Leader also fosters multicultural ties and creates linkages to community networks and resources.

Becoming a Parent Peer Leader

PPO will train and support each Peer Leader to use and share what they will learn in their own way. The topics of the training include communication skills, Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum, protecting children from sexual abuse, and how to respond to difficult topics and situations.

PPL’s 2017 evaluation report can be accessed here.

For more details, please contact Shaheen Butt, Parent Peer Leadership Coordinator.

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