Become a volunteer with Planned Parenthood Ottawa!

A variety of tasks are required to keep PPO functioning, and PPO owes a lot of thanks to our amazing volunteers to help keep us going.

Volunteer Training

All new volunteers are required to attend our SRH (Sexual Reproductive Health) training offered once a year. We ask for a minimum commitment of 6 hours a month for at least one year from new volunteers.

We are currently not recruiting any new volunteers at this time! Keep an eye on our socials for any news or updates regarding volunteers. 

Volunteering can look like…

Working to support staff programs, kiosking, sexual and reproductive health counselling, options phone line and office support. Other volunteer tasks may include assisting service users in navigating barriers to accessing SRH services, updating our educational materials, brainstorming to help with developing and creating materials, condom blitzing and much more.

Options Support Program
613-226-3234 ext. 101

 Our options volunteers are the core of our options program. They provide support with our counselling and options line support. If you’re looking to join, see above for the next recruitment phase. 

Our Board of Directors

If you can build connections, we are looking for you! Want to take more of a leadership role in the organization? A seat at the PPO board of directors may be a great fit with a ten hour monthly commitment.