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Welcome to Planned Parenthood Ottawa, your reliable source for comprehensive sexual health education.

Our workshops cater to a variety of age groups and adhere to the Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education, and best practices for adult education. In other words, our workshops will always be activity based, engaging, and aim to meet your group’s unique learning needs. 

Our Workshops


Our workshop covers: the nuances of sexual consent while allowing students to explore their perspective with a goal of building empathy. Students will get to practice identifying and building practical ways to talk about sexual consent.

A version of this workshop is available for youth ages 12-13 (grade 7-8) and a version for youth ages 14-17 (grade 9-12). Either version spans 75 minutes. 

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Our workshop: challenges stigma associated with STIs, provides information on how to reduce your risk of STI transmission, explores what to expect during an STI test and what might happen if you ever encounter an STI.

This workshop is best suited for youth between the ages of 12-17 (ie. grade 7-12) and spans 75 minutes.

Birth Control

IUDs, Implants, Shots, and more! How do you know which one is right for you? Our birth control workshop can help people figure it out. This workshop covers: the basics of how pregnancy occurs, common birth control methods, reasons people might use them and how they might access them.

This workshop is best suited for youth between the ages of 12-17 (ie. grade 7-12) and spans 75 minutes.

Sexual Decision Making

How do we know when we’re ready to engage in sexual activity? While there is no perfect one answer, our workshop helps learners explore what is important to them in order to make decisions about their sexual activity that aligns with their own values. This workshop covers: definitions of abstinence, intimacy, and sex, and helps students explore a variety of factors to consider before having sex.

This workshop is well suited to youth aged 12-13 (grade 7-8) and spans 60 minutes.


Relationship Series

This series of 4 workshops, of 75 minutes each, covers our relationships curriculum which aims to equip youth with the skills to build happier relationships. This curriculum explores topics such as: Identifying boundaries, Communication and Conflict, Emotional Regulation, Gender Expectations & Accountability.

This workshop series is best suited for grade 9 students (ie. 14-15 year olds), but can sometimes be adapted for slightly different audiences. 

Puberty & Anatomy

These workshops, go over: basics of reproductive anatomy, the changes that bodies go through during puberty and ways to manage those changes. In order to meet the needs of a younger audience, we offer this workshop in two sessions of 45 minutes each. These sessions must be done together.

These workshops are meant for youth between the ages of 9-11 (grade 4-5).

For Service Providers

Reproductive Coercion Prevention

For service providers that support individuals who are seeking reproductive care, experience gender-based violence, or individuals who are choosing to parent or not to parent.

  • Identify and support clients experiencing Reproductive Coercion (RC)
  • How RC manifests in intimate relationships and public institutions
  • Understand the responsibility of preventing RC as service providers


Make your community gathering a hub of knowledge and engagement by inviting Planned Parenthood Ottawa! Our dedicated team is prepared to uplift your event with a wealth of information, free resources, and enjoyable educational activities to promote sexual health education and services. From distributing free printed materials and safer sex supplies to hosting our acclaimed “Sex-pert Jeopardy” game, we strive to create an environment that encourages open, informed discussions on sexual health for all participants. Partner with us to ensure your attendees gain valuable insights, enjoy, and engage in a meaningful way, enhancing their understanding and approach towards sexual health. We provide this service for free!


At Planned Parenthood Ottawa, we believe that everyone should have access to accurate sexual and reproductive health information. We strive to offer our educational content for free whenever possible. However, to sustain our educational program funding, we rely on community support. We offer our workshops at a cost between $250-$500 depending on your specific requirements. Additionally, we provide customized workshops, starting at $500.

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