Kathryn Sheppard – Co-President

Kathryn’s an experienced project manager and has worked on a number of projects in health, governance and international development in sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.  Currently she works specifically with health quality assessment programs and partners with presence in more than 25 countries as a Program Manager for Health Standards Organization (HSO). Prior to that, she headed up the International Programs team at Journalists for Human Rights (JHR) and focussed on media development programs than encouraged balanced reporting on human rights and governance issues.

Bilan Arte – Co-President

Bilan Arte is the daughter of Somali refugees that fled civil war in the early 1990’s to resettle in Canada. She is the first person in her family to complete post secondary education, and in 2015 was elected to serve the first of two terms as the first National Chairperson of Canada’s largest student organization, the Canadian Federation of Students. Currently, she is the National Women’s and Human Rights Representative of the Canadian Labour Congress.

An experienced communicator and a passionate social justice and equity activist, Bilan is a proud feminist who cares deeply about education and accessible pro-choice reproductive health services and resources.

Alex Hosselet – Interim Secretary

Alex Hosselet is a marketing, communications, and business strategy professional with many years working in education and non-profit. He is the Digital Marketing Manager with United Way Ottawa, as well as a board and committee member of several other non-profits. He brings his skills and passion to Planned Parenthood Ottawa because of his firm belief in the need for feminist, pro-choice sexual and reproductive health programs and services in the community. He is wildly fond of cats.

Steve Moran – Treasurer

Steve is a linguist, teacher and biologist by training. He has spent most of the past two decades at the House of Commons as a policy and legislative advisor and then as Deputy Chief of Staff to the Leader of the Official Opposition. His areas of focus are justice and human rights, international affairs, and finance. He is involved in the Gatineau education community as a parent representative on the local school governing board and sits on the Wright neighbourhood residents’ association (ARRQW).


Nidhi Handa – Board Member

Nidhi is an economist in the federal public service who specializes in labour and resource economics. She has experience in analyzing Canadian data on the unique labour force characteristics that pertain to women, rural communities, migrants, minorities, and people with disabilities. Her knowledge of labour market inequalities and experience as an Indo-Kenyan immigrant have driven her to advocate for the authentic inclusion of diverse thinking and representation in all institutions. In her free time, she volunteers for children’s charities and watches too much television.