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Doctors’ confusion and red tape keeping women from abortion pill, Planned Parenthood says

PPOAdmin/ December 3, 2017/ News

Conflicting guidelines and onerous after-care requirements are barring “a huge amount” of women from accessing the abortion pill, say staff at Planned Parenthood Ottawa, as doctors try to wrap their heads around the logistical hurdles. “Our abortion access co-ordinator has sat in a room full of doctors who just threw up their hands and said ‘There’s no way we’re going

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Planned Parenthood Ottawa Denounces City’s Revised Flag Policy

PPOAdmin/ October 6, 2017/ Uncategorized

Planned Parenthood Ottawa (PPO) expressed disappointment today following the city of Ottawa’s quiet release of its new policy on flag raising. “The city took five months to come up with a flag raising policy that is unclear and changes nothing to the previous policy”’ said Catherine Macnab, Executive Director of PPO. “The policy needed to address the city offering support

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How to take action against anti-choice campaigns

PPOAdmin/ August 9, 2017/ News

The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC) has identified extremist anti-choice campaigns that include distributing and displaying graphic imagery of alleged aborted fetuses in public spaces. These kinds of campaigns do NOT change the public mind about abortion but they DO offend and distress community members and traumatize children. ARCC recommends ways you can take action: 1. Complain to your

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