PPOAdmin/ August 9, 2017/ News

The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC) has identified extremist anti-choice campaigns that include distributing and displaying graphic imagery of alleged aborted fetuses in public spaces. These kinds of campaigns do NOT change the public mind about abortion but they DO offend and distress community members and traumatize children.

ARCC recommends ways you can take action:

1. Complain to your city council and police, explaining your personal reaction about the imagery and how it affects you and your family.
2. Email a copy of your written complaint to Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC): info@arcc-cdac.ca
3. Tweet to City . For example, Showing aborted fetus pics in public is harmful to our community – ban them! #cdnpoli
4. Send a complaint to Advertising Standards Canada http://ow.ly/BdRa30dW8pq
5. Place a “No flyers or junk mail” notice at your mailbox
6. Counter protest the anti-choice demo BUT do not confront them.

To learn more about these and other was to take action, click on this link http://ow.ly/tQIH30dW7AE

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