Support comes in many forms; by advocating for Planned Parenthood Ottawa and its services, you help raise public awareness of important sexual health issues, encourage funding, and can connect someone in your network to services they may not have been aware of. Advocates for PPO are our champions in the community, and essential to the organization’s survival. If you believe in Planned Parenthood Ottawa, then you can help advocate for continued support. By sharing your voice with our message, you can reach new audiences and reinforce the value of PPO’s services. It’s easy to do, but has a cumulative effect across Ottawa. Here are some ways that you can help:

  • Share our information and resources with your network
  • Organize a fundraiser for PPO
  • Encourage your employer to support, fund, or partner with PPO
  • Contact your city councilor or the mayor about the importance of Planned Parenthood Ottawa in our community
  • Whatever way suits you best to lend your support!

If you’d like to discuss ways that you can advocate for Planned Parenthood Ottawa, contact our Executive Director.

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