PPO’s Mission, Vision and Values

PPO is a pro-choice organization supporting informed sexual and reproductive health choice through education, counselling, information and referral services.

Our vision & Values

Planned Parenthood Ottawa envisions a community where accurate sexual and reproductive health support and services are comprehensive, accessible, and delivered equitably.


We are committed to creating a space where personal belief, attitudes and values are recognized; a space where clients’ perspectives and decisions are validated.


We take into account the ways in which systems of oppression operate and impact marginalized people and their access to SRH care. We strive to ensure that our services are actively fighting against the manifestation fo these interlinked systems of oppression. 


We are committed to providing accurate, up to date, information on sexual and reproductive health topics, administration, services, and practices.


Sex positivity as a movement has gaps in addressing cultural competency, accessibility, race and supporting sex work. We work towards validating experiences of sexuality and sexual expression outside of hetronormative and Eurocentric perspectives. Therefore, as an organization we acknowledge we must change to address a more nuanced understanding of what the sex positivity movement can do to be better. To us sex positivity means that all experiences are valid and supported.


We respect the right of every individual to make their own decisions about their sexual and reproductive health. Our role is to support and help to inform the decisions that each individual makes based on their own circumstances and needs.


We are dedicated to ensuring our programs and services are accessible to all members of the Ottawa region and involving community members in the administration of our programming and service provision.

Our Strategic Plan

Our mission and values work intrinsically with our 5 year strategic plan. Developed in 2019, our strategic plan continues to guide the work we do. It is broken down into four pillars, each with their own goals and objectives. The pillars being: Options program, Education program, Access and Organizational.

See here for the full strategic plan. 

Learn more about PPO through our Annual Reports!

Our annual reports include information on our yearly activities – including financial accountability information! If you’re curious to see what our team has been up to for the last few years, feel free to browse through any of them listed here. 


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