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Planned Parenthood Ottawa’s in-house staff:

Department Name  Staff Ext. Email
Executive Director (Interim) Chris Farley Ratcliffe 301
Medical Abortion Access Ariane Wylie, Coordinator 303
Community Outreach Nitsuh Mekonnen, Coordinator 401
Pregnancy Options Counselling 100
Peer Parent Leadership Shaheen Butt, Coordinator 302
Community Developer and Office Administrator Diba Hareer 301
Community Developer for Disability and Sexuality AnaLori Smith 401
Education and Training Ceara McIntyre, Coordinator 306
Reproductive Coercion Samya Lugoma, Coordinator 302

Chris Farley Ratcliffe – Executive Director (Interim)

Chris first got involved with Planned Parenthood Ottawa as a community sexual health education volunteer. He has since served as board chair and is in his second term as the Interim Executive Director. Previously Chris has supported physician recruitment in eastern Ontario, served as an advisor to the Minister of Health and Long Term care and managed a textbook store.

Ariane Wylie – Medical Abortion Access Coordinator

Ariane is often described as the office thesaurus because her brain is crammed full of sexual health facts.  She loves making information relevant and accessible through activity-based workshops that helps people to translate knowledge into health-enhancing behaviours. As the Medical Abortion Access Coordinator, she is responsible for recruiting and supporting new medical abortion providers in Ottawa and beyond. Outside of work she spends her time chasing after a giant, dog-shaped ball of fluff named Thunder.

Nitsuh Mekonnen – Community Outreach Coordinator

Shaheen Butt – Peer Parent Leadership Program Coordinator

Shaheen holds a master’s degree in Mass Communication and Research, and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Biology. Previously, she has worked as a Community Developer, Community Connector/Coordinator, and Human Resources Officer to serve immigrant communities. Before migrating to Canada for more than eight years she served as an Administrative Officer and a Coordinator for a Diplomatic Mission and RCMP Liaison Office.  

Shaheen started working with Parent-Peer Leadership program in mid-December 2016. She believes that by providing parents the right tools and increasing their knowledge about Sexual and Reproductive Health, the health and wellbeing of the youth will be impacted. She believes that schools teach facts and parents teach values; it is important for parents to be with their children during every step of learning and development. Shaheen supports immigrant parents with navigating the Canadian culture around Sexual and Reproductive Health rights and values.

Shaheen is an advocate for girls’ education. In her home country, she volunteered for over 20 years to increase literacy among girls. The second cause that is close to her heart is creating awareness about gender diversity and sexual orientations among immigrant communities in Canada.

Diba Hareer – Community Developer and Office Administrator

A firm believer in the work of grassroots organizations, Diba is committed to supporting the changemakers and survivors. Since 2010 she has been involved with Medica Afghanistan, an Afghan women-led organization working to eliminate violence against women and improve the quality of women’s lives.

Diba has written about the influence of traditions and cultural norms on girls withdrawal from school in Afghanistan. She has also written about the need for culturally specific services for immigrant women in Canada who flee domestic abuse. Diba is able to communicate in Farsi/Dari, English, Pashto, and Urdu.

AnaLori Smith – Community Developer for Disability and Sexuality

AnaLori has advanced knowledge in disability studies, embodiment studies and the social determinants of health. She is a strong promoter of reproductive justice for clients with disabilities. Her MA research was on the embodied biographies of persons with chronic fatigue and pain in Ottawa, particularly focusing on the inaccessibility of community and social services (e.g., accessible transportation, affordable housing, and healthcare services) for persons with chronic illness. At Carleton, AnaLori served clients with various abilities and learning backgrounds, delivered academic and personal guidance, and connected clients to services to support their transition to higher learning. Personal interests include coffee shops, craft beer tasting, and decorating her apartment by the Museum of Nature.

Ceara McIntyre – Education and Training Coordinator

Ceara was born and raised in Ottawa, and has been involved with Planned Parenthood Ottawa for over a year now in various capacities. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Social Work at Carleton University and identifies with an anti-oppressive, intersectional framework. In the past, Ceara has worked as a tutor with Carleton University’s Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities, and with the Ottawa Carleton-District School Board as a tutor. Currently, Ceara is striving to make every workshop she delivers learner-centred, and is finding ways to adapt Planned Parenthood Ottawa’s workshops to meet the sexual and reproductive health needs of a variety of populations including: people with disabilities, Indigenous folks, and low-income youth. In her spare time Ceara likes to turn down her teacher voice and introvert, preferably while petting a cat or drawing in her bullet journal.

Samya Lugoma – Reproductive Coercion Project Coordinator

Samya is interested in carving out spaces that promotes the voices of marginalized folks through an intersectional approach. Her passion for creating better access to services stems out of her experience as a young African immigrant born in Congo (Kinshasa) and raised in Edmonton. She has worked with diverse advocacy and community agencies raising awareness on the crisis in Congo, youth engagement as well as sexual violence in the context of war. This work lead her to supporting survivors of sexual assault in her community through peer to peer counselling with the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa. As a full spectrum community doula, Samya is enthusiastic about improving support services through bridging the gaps between violence against women and sexual and reproductive health.