Update from Heather & Kate -- April 2011

PPO received word this month that our Community Education program will not be continuing to receive United Way funding. United Way has supported PPO’s Community Education program since 1975 and we are very grateful for their long time support.  

PPO will continue to receive United Way designations from individual donors – if you are a supporter, please continue to identify Planned Parenthood Ottawa as the recipient of your contribution to United Way, or consider making this designation for the next United Way drive.

As many of you know, in PPO’s Community Education Program volunteers are trained to provide presentations to youth in area schools and community groups. A wide range of presentation topics are available including Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), Contraception, Healthy Relationships, and more. The program reached 1204 youth in presentations in 2010 and provided information to 2630 youth at kiosks in the same year.

The loss of Community Education funding necessitates a time of change, reinvention and new directions. For starters, we are in the design phase of launching a social enterprise (Sex Ed for Educators) to provide teacher training on sexual health, including the sale of “contraception kits”. And that’s just the beginning: there are many projects and programs that we know are needed in the community and we’ll be pursuing support to get fresh ideas off the ground. There is still so much work that needs to be done… STI rates are at a 10 year high in the city and we know from both research and experience that evidence-based and sex-positive sexual health education makes an impact.

Program volunteers have been invited to an information and strategizing session on April 26th from 5-7pm at the office. Please feel free to attend if you have any questions or would like to be a part of action planning for what’s to come.


Kate (Board President) & Heather (Executive Director)


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