Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Thank you!!! 

(Left to Right: Nadine, Courtney, Leanne, Andrea and Heather)

We’d yell it from rooftops and mountaintops if we could. Our volunteers keep this organization and our programming running, and we couldn’t do it without them. We boast about the high caliber, energy, and spirit of our volunteers to friends, community partners, and funders, and now it’s time to say thank you to those who need to hear it most – our volunteers themselves. 

So thank you to each of you. From folding pamphlets, to standing at a kiosk fielding questions, to meeting with a client to discuss pregnancy options, to talking about contraception choices and STIs in a classroom, to taking tickets at an event, to sitting on the Board of Directors, to helping us move offices (wasn’t that fun?), to answering an email from the public, to giving of your time in some other way: you have made a difference in this organization, in this community, and to an individual in need of information, support, or reassurance, and we are so proud to be working with you. 

Thank you.