Update from Heather and Kate

We want to tip our hats to Mel Pagliaro and Anastasia Szakowski, who spent the last eight months with PPO on internships funded through YWCA Canada. Mel worked on research and writing projects on a range of issues—most notably, Mel created a guide on providing sexual health services to youth with disabilities. That publication will be available on the PPO website this spring. Anastasia worked in-house answering phones and supported the Community Education program by helping out at many kiosks and events. (Read more about Anastasia, Mel and Diane here!)

In addition, Diane Meronyk (a midwifery student) spent the month of February with PPO and went out with a bang by facilitating a workshop on Sex during Pregnancy and Postpartum on her last day of placement. Board member Andrea Proulx also provided her expertise on perinatal naturopathy to workshop participants. Thanks to all of you who came out! 

The Masters of Social Work students from Carleton University who partnered with PPO this year conducted a focus group with girls who had participated in a series of PPO workshops tailored specifically to meet the needs of Muslim girls. The feedback from the group will be incorporated into the second set of workshops which are happening in April and are being delivered again in collaboration with the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre. (The update is here!)

PPO participated in International Women’s Day festivities again this year—linking up with a coalition of amazing organizations in Ottawa that came together to mark 100 years of IWD. It was a party-style celebration of successes. Nadine (PPO’s Insight Theatre Coordinator) was hilarious in a feminist parody of Canada’s Next Top Model! (More on the IWD event here!)

And… we are proud to announce that our March 12th fundraiser with the Sexual Overtones (and supported by Apartment 613!) generated over $5,000! Whoohoo! It’s quite incredible to be able to make money to support the work that we do and have as much fun as that at the same time!

Heather (Executive Director) and Kate (Board President)