Girls Chat Pilot Project / MSW Project – round #1

To recap (see additional info here with our introduction to Faiza), the three presentations were on “Self Esteem”, “Women’s Health” and “Healthy Relationships” and they ran in February. The participants were amazing young women, all eager to learn, share and be part of this experience with us. The feedback was very positive, and Courtney and Faiza have learned a lot, which they will incorporate into the future delivery of three more presentations at a second school next month.

"To respond to the needs of Ottawa's diverse and changing community, PPO recently commissioned research through Carleton University's School of Social Work (2009-2010) about the sexual health needs of Muslim youth in Ottawa.  The research team was Justine McNulty, Kristen Bongard, Lisa Middleton, Gifty Arkorful and Liette Perron.

The paper, "Beyond the Absence of Disease: Identifying Barriers, Gaps and Needs in Sexual and Reproductive Health Services Offered to Muslim Youth in the Ottawa Area" will inform PPO's work over the next several years." (See our previous link for more information here.)

The M.S.W. students who are researching PPO’s workshops for Muslim youth in the 2010-2011 school year conducted their focus group in early March, and have shared with us a small amount of information to guide the delivery of the next phase of presentations. The research portion of this project is an extremely valuable piece – PPO is learning more about effective delivery of presentations to this population of youth, and it is not often that we are in a position to have a third party assist us with evaluating our programs. Courtney and the Community Education program are sure to continue learning and evolving this program to better suit diverse audiences.