Welcome Faiza-- PPO's youth co-facilitator

PPO welcomes Faiza as a PPO youth co-facilitator! 

Faiza is currently completing her second degree Honours in Social Sciences with a Specialization in Psychology, having previously completed her Bachelors Honours in Health Sciences. Faiza brings a wealth of experience working with community service providers and public health organizations, such as Pinecrest Queensway and the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre. She is looking forward to sharing her skills with the organization and also expanding on her knowledge of sexual and reproductive health education.

Faiza will be involved in a new Community Education project that is focused on adapting and tailoring PPO's programming specifically for young women from Ottawa’s Muslim community. Faiza is interested in pursuing further education in the field of public health, health policy and health administration. 

Faiza was interested in becoming involved with PPO as a youth facilitator because she believes that there are very few educational resources available to young women from this target population, that provide the facts on sexual and reproductive health from a culturally and religiously sensitive framework.