Welcome Leanne -- PPO's current placement student

PPO welcomes Leanne, whose enthusiasm and keen interest in sexuality studies drew her to pursue an academic internship at PPO. Leanne has a B.A. Honours in Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies with a minor in Biology from the University of Waterloo. Currently, Leanne is working on a Masters in Social Work from Carleton University. 

Leanne was interested in PPO for her internship placement for many reasons: being involved with a sex-positive sexual health education organization that works with all ages, improving her public speaking and facilitation skills in the area of human sexuality, and to gain experience at an organization that shares her pro-choice values. Leanne is very excited to be involved in PPO's community education and options programs as well as PPO’s information and referral services.

Leanne comes to PPO with a wealth of research experience in sexuality and reproductive health. She has explored the ethical considerations of sex shops, reducing adolescent pregnancies, sexuality education, historical perspectives on marital and sex advice literature, attitudes towards gay men, and the history of sex trade workers. Leanne’s dream is to specialize in couple/sex therapy and/or to do public sexual health education, and is particularly interested in sexual enhancement, promoting healthy relationships, and improving programs for individuals with learning disabilities. 

In her spare time, Leanne enjoys Salsa dancing, which she has been doing for six years, and boxing classes, which she started last fall. Leanne’s intense interest in sexuality studies and passion for a career in sex therapy all shape her academic interests, and she is a welcome addition to PPO.