Update from Heather and Kate - Sept 2010

We’re gearing up for the AIDS Walk here at PPO. It’s taking place on September 25th and if you haven’t joined the team yet then please do! We’re planning on wearing boas—who would want to miss that??

We’ve set $10,000 as our fundraising goal this year and as this goes to press we’ve achieved close to 20% of our goal. Not too shabby… but let’s bring it home over the next couple of weeks Team Sexy Sassy PPO! Let’s make 2010 the best AIDS Walk year yet.

In local news… some of you may have missed the article that came out in August about the proposed expansion of the Sexual Health Centre. Demand has increased for services at the Sexual Health Centre and that means that waiting times have also increased. Word is that Ottawa Public Health will ask city council for money in the coming budget for expansion of services.  Of course, PPO is a big fan of this idea—the more accessible sexual health services are the better. Fingers (and toes) crossed.

Barbara Hayes, our Communications and Volunteer Recruitment Officer, has started her Masters in Public Policy at the University of Ottawa.  She will no longer be working from the office, but will hopefully remain part of the PPO family.

We hope that all of you enjoy the last warm days of summer and the first leaves of fall,

Kate and Heather