Insight is In Sight!

It is my pleasure to welcome the 2010/2011 Insight Theatre Troupe to the Planned Parenthood Ottawa community.  Insight Theatre is a by youth, for youth, about youth, theatre group that educates local area high school and middle school students based on the Grades 7 through 9 health curriculum. The group, comprised of local high school students uses theatre as a way to reach the youth they are presenting to. Subject matter that is often considered awkward and uncomfortable is presented in a fashion that is sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartfelt, and always engaging.  

Students interested in joining the troupe this year worked and played long and hard over the summer to develop their theatre skills and learn about issues important to youth today. These workshops included information on STIs, pregnancy options, and anti-oppression, among others. At the end of the summer, the troupe was chosen and they began to create scenes for the show that will premiere at the end of October. New and fresh ideas have already begun to surface, including a hilarious scene parodying the popular Old Spice “Does your man...” commercials and a parody of the old children’s show, “The Teletubbies”. These amazing youth are also looking at including new subject matter in the show to address current issues such as cyber dating and internet safety.  Whatever the final shows ends up consisting of you can be assured that it will be as informative and entertaining as years past.

I look forward to seeing you all at the premiere!

Jonathon Braun and Nadine Thornhill
Insight Theatre Drama Coach and Coordinator