Heather and Kate's August Updates

We’ve been enjoying two excellent interns who joined our staff team in July and will be with us for six monthsAnastasia Szakowski and Melissa Pagliaro. These internships are made possible by YWCA Canada’s Eco Youth Internship Program.  (You can see them getting in to the PPO spirit!  Mel on the left and Anastasia on the right.)

Gemma Bonham-Carter is going to be leaving PPO in September to pursue a Masters in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in England. We already miss her and are grateful for all of the energy and ideas and dedication that she has brought to PPO in the time that she’s been here.  Courtney Scanlan (who has been covering the Volunteer and Client Support Coordinator position this year while Andrea Hogue Reynolds is out on maternity leave) is going to assume the role of Community Education Coordinator in September. Courtney is incredibly well suited to the CEC position and we’re happy to welcome her to her new role!

Jenn Hunnisett won’t be returning from maternity leave to the Insight Theatre Coordinator position. Jenn gave a great deal to PPO, to the youth, and to the community in the years that she was with PPO—thank you Jenn!  Nadine Thornhill who has served as the Insight Coordinator this year (while Jenn was out on maternity leave) will be staying on in the position (and she’s amazing).

We are so grateful to work with such a talented, cohesive, and dynamic team.

-    Kate and Heather