LGBTQ+ Family Planning Workshop: April 10-12, 2015

Thanks to anexciting partnership between Planned Parenthood Ottawa, the LGBTQ ParentingNetwork (Toronto) and The 519 Church Street Community Centre (Toronto), webring you this guest workshop on LGBTQ+ Family Planning!

This weekendintensive is organized by and for people of LGBTQ+ identities. People of any family structure arewelcome. The workshopexplores practical, emotional, social, financial, medical and legal issuesrelated to becoming a parent. Find information, clarify your needs anddecisions, and build community!


- options forforming families

- known vs.anonymous sperm donors

- egg donors

- surrogacy

- pre-transitiongamete freezing

- DIY vs.clinical insemination

- pregnancycare

- birthcare

- legalagreements (second-parent adoption, donor agreements, etc.)

 ...and much more!



Friday,April 10: 7-9:30pm

Saturday,April 11: 10am-5:30pm

Sunday,April 12: 10am-5:30pm


Space islimited to 30 participants, and the workshop is $125 per person. Peopleattending together as co-parents shouldeach register individually.


Meet thefacilitators:

RachelEpstein (PhD) is a longtime LGBTQ parenting activist, educator and researcherand coordinates the LGBTQ Parenting Network at the Sherbourne Health Centre inToronto. The LGBTQ Parenting Network provides resources, information andsupport to LGBTQ parents, prospective parents and their families and trainingfor health care, legal, social work and education professionals. She is theauthor of the Best Start Resource Centre’s manual, Welcoming and CelebratingSexual Orientation and Gender Diversity in Families (,editor of the 2009 anthology, Who’s Your Daddy? And Other Writings on QueerParenting ( and recently completed a doctoral dissertationon LGBTQ people’s experiences in fertility clinics.

ChrisVeldhoven’s work focuses on supporting and celebrating sexual orientation,gender and intersectional complexities in families and children, includingdiverse family structures and formation stories. Chris develops, supervises,designs, facilitates and evaluates a variety of family planning and pre-natalcourses and related education, support and advocacy services in Toronto. Theyalso have supervised, designed and delivered a variety of queer andtrans-specific Early Years family support programs and events for severalyears. Chris has been an LGBTQ community educator, developer, and advocate in avariety of contexts since 1989 and is a third generation queer person in theirfamily.