A Welcome and Positive Presence at Sexapalooza Fall 2013

Well folks, another round of Sexapalooza has come and gone again, and PPO’s dedicated team of staff and volunteers were ready to meet the challenge. Armed with giant boxes of condoms and plenty of energy, they helped bring safer sex, healthy relationships, and our organization’s collection of resources to the numerous conventioneers who stopped by to visit our table. As a psychology and French as a second language student at the University of Ottawa, as well as a volunteer with the community education team for a year now, I was eager to help out with this event for a second time. Having worked the Saturday evening shift, we saw everyone from those looking just to grab a few free condoms to couples asking about the pros and cons of certain contraceptive methods. We even had recently single parents of teenagers asking about resources they could consult about safer sex for their children and themselves! 

Multiple people who chatted with us expressed their appreciation for PPO’s presence at the convention. They recognized that while open conversations about sex and pleasure are important, they also felt that our goal of providing bias-free and accurate sexual health information was just as pertinent.  Having our table at events like these is not only a great way to maintain our visibility in the community, but it can also serve as a tool to bring our collective knowledge of healthy sexuality and experiences to an adult audience. Many thanks again to everyone who contributed to the planning and execution of another successful weekend at Sexapalooza. We hope to keep up our momentum at the February 2014 convention in keeping safer sex, community support, and healthy relationships part of the conversation!