Hello from Polly!

Greetings Fabulous People!

My name is Polly Leonard, and I am the new Volunteer and Client Support Coordinator! I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to be working in an organization that I truly admire and with some of the best colleagues around. My past academic experience is based in Women Studies, Sociology and Social Work. I am currently still toiling away at the thesis requirement to obtain my Masters of Social Work.  My thesis is a research study based on the Ottawa Feminist Movement, and gender inclusivity. I would not have been able to get to where I am without the support I received from the Carleton University faculty of Social Work. I was able to participate in the creation and implementation of a research project (The Ottawa Youth Sex Survey: Access to Sexual Health Services) for PPO back in 2011-2012, with the help of fellow MSW students. In my free time, I am a dedicated social justice activist and have been a support worker at the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa for the past three years. My favourite things include reading about the lives of womyn globally, unlearning and unpacking my privilege, advocating for structural change and fluffing up my adorable cat. I am settling in really nicely to this position, and am always amazed at the commitment and passion that all the PPO volunteers have for the work that we do. I look forward to many engaging years of reproductive health access to come!