Update from Rachel & Andrea

We are delighted to share with you that the RockalilyBurlesque benefit show “Too much of a Goog Thing” was a huge success!  Wehad a full house, a great show and a whole lotta volunteer support… all comingtogether to raise about $3,000!  Great work everyone, thanks for helpingto pull it together, for coming and for spreading the word!  We lookforward to more events at Clun SAW, what a greta new partnership theretoo!   A huge thanks to DJ CPI, Alis Hunter Goddard, Miss HelveticaBold, Rhapsody Blue and the Rockalily Troupe and friends for such a great show,we are so lucky to have their support.


Its AIDS Walk time again, we’d love it if you’d join theteam… the need is still significant for HIV and AIDs Education.  Did youknow that the rate of infection among women is increasing rapidly?  Wehave a big job to do to educate women about their risk and on gettingtested.  Early detection can make a real difference in how life movedforward with HIV and reduces further transmission. Many women do not understandthey are at risk.  So, it looks like Rachel’s lure of dying her hair thecolour(s) of my donor’s choice for Pride has brought her peer group on board…she has exceeded her FR goal of $600, want to join her in a rainbow ofHair?  There are lots of great ways to stimulate support!  Maybe youwill run your first 5 k?  You can this year as a part of AIDS Walk! And we also have chocolate (see Jan’s note below).


Speaking of Jan… please welcome Jan Ditchfield!  Jancomes to us with a wealth of Fundraising experience and enthusiasm, and we arelucky to have her with us!  Jan Ditchfield is passionateabout bringing crazy little ideas to life and is a seasoned communications andfund development professional. With over a decade of experience in managing thelogistics of fund development campaigns, marketing and events; she has workedwith both the for-profit and non-profit sectors, generating new platforms thathave challenged the social norm and garnered national attention.  As an advocate for human rights, Jan hasbeen recognized with a variety of awards including being honoured as a RickHansen Difference Maker medalist, a finalist in the Celebration of PeopleAwards and named one of the top 50 Amazing People in Canada’s National CapitalRegion. Her work has beenfeatured by some of the most influential publications, including The NationalPost, The Globe & Mail, CTV, CBC Radio and The New York Times.  Best known for her energy andcreativity, Jan is a firm believer in the importance of mentorship and thecreation of engaged communities which support the growth of opportunities andinclusion for all Canadians.


So, you may have noticed that we have beenworking on training and skills development here!  This has created greatopportunities for volunteers and staff, including workshops from the DistressCentre of Ottawa and Positive Spaces Training (and many others!).  Weencourage you to take advantage of these opportunities as we all learntogether, these are valuable trainings that will benefit all of us and ourcommunity… making PPO really well equipped to be the best support available forpeople seeking Sexual and Reproductive health information and support. The Insight Troupe benefitted from a great workshop put together by Yasene asher major project on her Summer Student Placement with us.  All of us willhave the opportunity to attend during SAP and really work through someimportant issues in Anti Racism.  We are so grateful for Yasene’scontribution to the ongoing development of PPO’s work.  We hope to haveher back again really soon, but for now she has returned to her Master’sstudies.  Best of luck Yasene!


We also thank Gabrielle for her contribution tosupporting the Insight programs’ successful Fringe foray, the queer and genderreview of our SAP materials, and the development of some quick-use guides forthe office.  It was such a pleasure to have Gabrielle in the office withus this semester.  We are going to miss this great energy source!


We sure hope to see you folks as we return to ourfall routines, we often find ourselves feeling so amazed to be working withsuch a fantastic group of community members – thank you for making this workeasier and more fun!