Placing it with PPO: Gabrielle's time as a PPO Placement Student

By Gabrielle Castilloux

I can’t believe that today is my last day as a studentintern at PPO. Being here has meant the world to me over the summer. To thinkthree months went by so quickly with so much laughter and learning. I remembermeeting Rachel Horsley for the first time and thinking “Oh wow, this person isso cool!” and simply being amazed by all of her accomplishments. The team hadto be by far the most welcoming environment that I had ever worked with and Iquickly adjusted to the flow and rhythm at PPO. I spent most of my time workingwith the youth of Insight Theatre where I helped out with the show, “In theFirst Place” for the Ottawa Fringe Festival. I think my favorite moments of theshow was being the stage manager and having a nightly wrangling session withthe props. Since the floor at the Bytown Museum isn’t level, we used a rollingchair for the scenes and it kept moving on its own, it was so awkward andfunny! I also facilitated several workshops and attending the three weekInsight training and I am very grateful to have had this amazing opportunity tolearn so much from the creative youth that are part of Insight. I’m sad that Iwon’t be able to stay here four days a week like I have been, but I will most definitelystay on as a volunteer and help out for hopefully many more years!