VolunPeer Stories: Why I love what we do!

By Amanda Bagalacsa

It’s been almost 3 years that I havebeen volunteering with PPO. I would love to do SAP over just for thecomprehensive information. You learn so much about things you had no ideaabout, and also the things you thought you did. I started off extremelyeager to dive right into the Community Education program, taking every chance Icould to do a kiosk or provide general help and support at the amazingworkshops we offer. I was lucky enough to work with many different PPOvolunteers and meet some of the great people in our community. As soon as Istarted working full-time, however, I wasn’t able to volunteer for very manyCommunity Education opportunities that are typically during the day. Thisbroke my heart, and it still does, but I began to get more involved with theOptions Support Service, as the appointments are generally after my regularwork hours.

Though I’m not as active as a volunteer as I used to be, andwould still like to be, I’ve been able to stay involved through Options, aswell as other Community Education opportunities that fall on weekends. I’vealso been able to do some condom wrapping at home! It’s a bit of a struggle to balance work life, personal life, andvolunteering with PPO, but the payoff is huge! I’ve been very thankful for thepatience and understanding that PPO has had for my erratic rescheduling duringsome of the biggest transitions bothpersonally and in mycareer, and I’ve had such an enriching experience with both the work we do, andthe people we do it with.Itfeels as though there havebeen a lot of changes with the PPO organization sinceI began volunteering, butthe PPO staff has been really great at holding the fort down and keepingeveryone informed. Mostof all, I am really grateful and truly blessed to have a group of people that are sosupportive and knowledgeable, and that I am comfortable going to with my ownquestions and concerns. I only hope that I have the chance to do more in thefuture!