Update from Rachel & Andrea

Rachel and Andrea Update

Our Spring continues to be busy with the closing of theInsight season, and the amazing success of the program at Fringe with “In the FirstPlace” was absolutely remarkable!  We did have a busy June with both SunnyMarriner (Bridging Services for Women) and Luna Allison with Leah Careless(Insight) delivering successful presentations at the Guelph SexualityConference.  As many of you know, we also hosted our Annual GeneralMeeting.  Many thanks to those who joined us, an approved the StrategicPlan.  For Those who missed it, you’ll want to see the beautiful AnnualReport the team put together, and review the Audited Financial statements too.  We accomplished a lot last year and the momentum continues!

 Ready for PP Oh YEAH!?  The Scotiabank AIDS Walk forLife site is up and several early birds have joined the PPO team – please joinus too… we promise to make it worth your while!   Hailey has someincentives lined up, and then there is something about an after party…. 

 In the meantime, it’s time to get sweaty and explore theSeven Deadly Sins with Rockalily Burlesque!  July 26th at sawwe are going to make sure we all get Too Much of a Good Thing, hope to see youthere!  The event is on Facebook and tickets are on Event Brite, very soonthey will also be in the office.  Check in if you’d like to see or buysome!

At the end of June, Barbara Hayes moved on to anotherorganization, we are so happy for her!  She has such great skills and inher new role, she will be able to focus on the communications work she lovesmost.  We are so grateful to Barbara for all the great work she did forPPO in the past few years and wish her well.   The posting for theFundraising Coordinator was posted to Charity Village for 2 weeks and wereceived a good selection of resumes.  Interviews are next week, and wehope soon to introduce our next “social convener”!

Many thanks for all you do!

Rachel and Andrea