Continuous Learning Workshops for Options: PPO Welcomes DCOR on July 31st

PPOis thrilled to welcome presenters from the Distress Centre of Ottawa &Region for a workshop on crisis, self-harm and suicide on Wednesday July 31st2013 at 6:30 PM. The DistressCentre of Ottawa and Region is a 24/7 volunteer-based organization offeringconfidential, emotional mental health support, crisis intervention, informationreferral and education services.

As part of PPOsinitiative to create more collaboration and partnership opportunities withcommunity agencies in the Ottawa area, this workshop is being offered as alearning exchange. This is to say, that DCOR will provide PPO with informationand skills that will benefit our clients, volunteers and staff around mentalhealth wellbeing and PPO in turn will offer DCOR a workshop on our services andvarious ways to talk to their clients about sexual & reproductive health. Itis through this type of synergetic information sharing that PPO can broaden itsscope, knowledge-base and resource bank to help provide our clients, volunteersand staff with the most well-rounded and open experience in our offices andbeyond.

All are welcome tojoin us on July 31st at 630 PM in the PPO Boardroom for an excellentworkshop on how to talk to people in crisis and how to respond to self-harm andsuicide.