In The First Place: Insight Theatre's first ever Fringe Show!

In the First Place gives teens a place to speakhonestly about their experiences when it comes to sex, love and identity. Fromthe feeling of needing to grow up too fast to a sudden realization of beinggay, these monologues are raw, personal and from the heart.

“It’s incredible how few opportunities we have to hear fromyouth about their experiences of coming of age and discovering theirsexuality,” says Luna Allison, Coordinator of Insight Theatre and the directorof the project. “We tend to gloss over the importance of these themes in thelives of youth, which makes this time all the more isolating and confusing. Asa youth-driven theatre program focused on sexual health, Insight seemed likethe perfect organization to take on a project like this.”

From June 20-29, 10 teens will be telling their truths in anintimate performance space on the second floor of the historic BYTOWN MUSEUM –contrasting the personal histories of the youth with the public history of ourcommunity.

“The BYTOWN MUSEUM’s mandate is to show and speak about therich and diverse history of Ottawa,” says Robin Etherington, ExecutiveDirector of the BYTOWN MUSEUM.  “Ottawa’s history includes its youth andits multicultural richness.  It is critical to provide our remarkableyoung people the opportunity to tell their own stories and histories, which area vital part of Ottawa’s history and current events. Our youth are going to bethe leaders of tomorrow, and their ideas about history and current events willinform their paths to leadership.”

Show Times: June 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29 at 7:30pm

Venue: BYTOWN MUSEUM, 1 Canal Lane (next to the ChateauLaurier hotel)

Tickets available at the door or online at starting June 1.

Cost: $10