Insight Theatre Does Fringe! Submit by April 30th!

For the first time, Insight Theatre is producing a youth-written, youth-performed show in the Ottawa Fringe! The show will be called In the First Place, and the theme is firsts relating to sexuality and identity: first kiss, first date, first fantasy, first time coming out – that sort of thing. We’re looking for a total of 10 monologues by youth aged 14–18 about their first experiences, which will be compiled into a show for this year’s Ottawa Fringe.

Why this theme? Insight Theatre is mandated by Ottawa Public Health to create and perform a series of skits on topics of sexual health. This peer-to-peer model of sexual health education works, and we wanted to take our work a step further this year and give youth a space to be heard about these topics in a more public way. Why? More awareness of youth realities leads to less stigmatization about identity and sexuality, which leads to less silence, which leads to more community-building and better choices.

If you’d like to be a part of this project or know someone who would, please get in touch with Luna Allison at We’ll be accepting submissions until the end of April!