New faces around the office!

Yasene Mawji was born and raised inToronto, Ontario. Shortly after graduating high-school she moved to Montreal,Quebec where she completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature andSexual Diversity Studies at McGill University. Yasene is currently in the firstyear of a two-year Master of Social Work program at Carleton University. Herfocus is in direct practice, working with individuals, families andcommunities. From January to April 2013 she will be supporting Luna Allisonwith the Insight Theatre program at Planned Parenthood Ottawa. Over the courseof her placement she hopes to advocate for sex-positive, queer-positive,pro-choice and inclusive communities through education and outreach. Yasene’sdecision to complete her student-placement at PPO was fueled by her passion forand commitment to the field of sexual health. It is Yasene’s dream to makesexual education more integrated into school curricula, and make it accessiblefor all students. When she is not working or studying, Yasene enjoys spending timewith her cat Edgar Allan Poe, travelling the world, playing sports, dancing andplaying scrabble.

Sarah Murphy is a 3rd year Bachelor of Social Workstudent at Carleton University. She is originally from Newfoundland and has aprevious degree in Political Science from St. Francis Xavier University in NovaScotia. Sarah chose to do her placement with Planned Parenthood Ottawa becauseof her interest in sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, and women'sissues. Her  future career goals includebeing involved in public education, research and international social work. Inher spare time, Sarah enjoys playing music, reading, hockey, and travelling.