Already A Tremendous Success: An Update on Bridging Services for Women

The Bridging Services for Women Project has had a busy and successful November with the help of our partners and community allies. We ran 3 successful focus groups about Reproductive Coercion and received over 100 replies to our service provider survey! 

With only a few more focus groups and interviews to go, we’re approaching the end of our data-collection period. December also marks the departure of our wonderful student, Laura-Lee MacDonald, who was invaluable in her literature-finding, survey-sending roles! We’ll miss Laura-Lee and thank her for her dedication to Bridging Services for Women. 

The Bridging Services Project and all our partnering organizations are deeply grateful for the support and input of the many Violence Against Women and Sexual and Reproductive Health frontline workers and agencies who have given so generously of their time and expertise. Now, as our data collection period draws to a close, we’re gearing up for the next challenge of learning from all your wisdom and putting together the project findings for presentation back to you, the community, in January 2013.

Reproductive Coercion is an issue that few have named but many are talking about, as we’ve discovered through the course of our community consultations. We want to keep this conversation going! We invite you to follow the Bridging Services Project on Facebook to stay up to date about results, our community presentation dates, and the next phases of the project. You can find us here:

For more information about Bridging Services for Women, please don’t hesitate to email us at!