Timeraiser 2012 Positions!

Thank you for checking into volunteering at Planned Parenthood Ottawa!  As a small organization, we depend on a variety of volunteers to help us meet this community’s need for sexual and reproductive health information and services.  STI rates are climbing in our community, and by using the skills you already have, and often in the time and place that works best for you, you can help us reverse that trend.

Some Volunteer Projects to Consider:

Blog Builder
We have a blog-based fantasy that you can help us to fulfill!  We’d like to move all of the content of our current website to a blog format for easier updating and sustainability.  Included in this initiative would be a variety of sub-blogs for our various programs.  We have wordsmithing and graphics but need a blog builder to complete the expertise!  It’s ambitious-- can you help?

Event Experts
We need to conduct  2 fundraising events next year; volunteers with event management and décor would make a real difference in the general awesomeness of them!  PPO audiences tend to be hip and we have a lot of potential with events, as well as staff and an whole committee to work with!  

Event Support
Bakers (we have cupcake lovers galore), ticket sellers, silent auction solicitors, guerilla condom distributors are all welcome here!

Graphic Design
We have been lucky to have had the help of some very talented artists over the years-- will you become one of them?  You help us look great, and deliver our message and we love you for it.  We generally have 1-4 requirements for new artwork each year… you can do one or all of them!   We have the specific need to create new human sexual anatomy boards, are old ones are a bit weird, but the presentation material is so important to teaching human sexuality, you have to know your parts!

Logo Designer
PPO and its partners are engaging in a program that will improve sexual health services for women experiencing violence.  This initiative will take 2 years to complete and will provide a persistent training program. It needs a logo or image we can use on reporting, outreach and more!

Desktop Publishing
New factsheets, brochures, postcards, mailings and the like need your flare for the page.  If you are able to take on a large project like an orientation guide or a series of smaller ones please let us know!  We are able to collaborate in AI and Publisher.

English to French Translation
Serving our whole community is so important to us, but we just do not have the capacity to translate key documents.  Can you help?  You will really make a difference for our community member’s access to the information they need.  

This is two-fold – it is really great to be able to have really fabulous pictures or offer a “photo booth” at events, our community loves this and we post them to social media and flickr to help build our community. We also would like to find a way to document some of our training initiatives for webstreaming.  Up for the challenge?  I must say we are a fun lot to get out with!

Office Ergonomics
We need to re-evaluate how we occupy our space, and we are stumped.  Do you know about these things? Help!

General Volunteers
These folks support events, condom wrapping/safer sex kits, direct mail, fundraising, and office admin.  We really love the folks who can help with these day-to-day tasks!

Program Volunteers
PPO has volunteers working in delivery of Options Counselling and Sexual Health Education, these volunteer engagements are a huge commitment and the folks who take them on are very special.  Training happens twice a year to get started with either of these activities, the next training will be in February.  It is 25-30 hours and take place in a series of evenings over several weeks.  If this interests you, there is an application process to follow with the Program Coodinator.

Your Ideas
Do you have an idea how you’d like to help?  Tell us about it!

Need More Info?
Rachel Horsley, (Interim) Executive Director