Congrats, Newly Trained Volunteers!

After 27 hours, four Saturdays, one Wednesday, 12 facilitators/guest speakers from the community, lots of dressing in layers, a pot-luck and some home-made baked goods, we are happy to welcome TEN newly-trained folks to PPO! Joining the PPO team – in addition to our current placement student, Laura-Lee – are these nine new volunteers, looking to get involved with Community Education, some Options Support and some office support!

Thanks to our wonderful guest speakers and facilitators from the PPO family & Ottawa community: Andrea HR, Nadine T, Dillon B, Beau W, Lindsay P, Jenny L, Derek R, Julie L, Suzy Y, Sarah P, Zaheen K and Sam W! You were all fantastic, and gave such great workshops that have been met with very positive and encouraging learning from our SAP group!

A big WOOHOO! goes out to Lindsey T, Chantal L, Nic O, Courtney B-J, Morgan M-V, Angela D, Katie W, Ariane W, Lissa B and Laura-Lee M! Major thanks to all ten of your for your energy, enthusiasm, and interest in PPO – we’re happy to have you with us, and congrats for having completed this phase of your PPO volunteering!