Meet Sarah!

Sarah Nieman is a student of Event Management at Algonquin College, serving her placement with Planned Parenthood aan events assistant. She has studied at Carleton University and Queen’s University, recently completing her Master’s of Arts in Religion and Modernity from Queen’s. Her research focused on exploring ways in which Canadian print media continue to reveal religion in the public sphere, challenging secularization theories that suggest a marginalization of “the religious.”  Although not the focus, the roles that women and gender have in media portrayals of religion became an integral component to the final product.

Passionate about reproductive safety and rights, Sarah has participated in the Ottawa Slut Walk and Take Back the Night in the past.  First exposed to Planned Parenthood in high school through Insight Theatre, when an opening for an Event Management student arose, she jumped on the opportunity.  She is excited to contribute to increasing awareness of the resources provided by Planned Parenthood through the events planned for the upcoming year.