Bridging Services for Women

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the “Bridging Services for Women: Coordinating a Community Response to Violence Against Women and Sexual and Reproductive Health” project! Together with our partners from Canadians for Choice, Canadian Federation for Sexual Health, and the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women, PPO is asking what Ottawa service providers know, and want to know, about the space where violence and sexual and reproductive health meet.  

Reproductive coercion, unplanned pregnancy, pregnancy-related violence, and increased exposure to STI’s are only some of the issues we know face women experiencing abuse. Research shows that women experiencing violence may come into contact with health services more frequently, meaning it’s essential that VAW (Violence Against Women) and SRH (sexual and reproductive health) service providers have the information we need about the links between these important issues. The first four-month phase of this project will use focus groups and community collaboration to ask what the gaps in our shared knowledge are, and what tools will assist service providers to create informed, barrier-free access to resources and choices for all women experiencing violence.

Sunny Marriner is our new researcher/project coordinator for the first phase of the “Bridging Services” project. Sunny is a long-time Ottawa advocate and activist in the area of Violence Against Women, and specializes in designing and delivering support and advocacy programs for marginalized and hard-to-reach populations of women and girls. She brings with her both a research and extensive direct service background, and an impassioned commitment to equality, inclusion and choices for all members of our diverse communities. 

For more information about the Bridging Services Project, or to get involved, please contact us at!