Rachel and Jos Update for October

In nature, the spring brings many beginnings and, in the world of non profits, the fall is as abundant with new initiatives.

PPO is undertaking two research initiatives commencing this fall, both of which will add to our ability to serve our community.  The MSW program at Carleton has again chosen to work with PPO, this year investigating the specific (experienced and perceived)barriers young people have when accessing sexual and reproductive health information and services from a wide array of resources.  We are please to be able to support this initiative with a great advisory including PPO Staff, Sex Researcher Jocelyn Wentland, and Dr. Lindy Samson of CHEO's infectious disease unit.

The Bridging Service for Women project has also commenced in the capable hands of Sunny Marriner.  This project seeks to identify what are the gaps in training and resources for service providers in the violence against women and sexual an reproductive health fields when supporting women with intersecting needs.

Keep your eyes open for some new promotional materials from PPO!  Thanks to the contributions of the folks who participated in our survey and then focus group, we have arrived a a new tag line which the group feels is flexible and catchy too!  The new materials are really lovely and will help us to bring all the unbiased and youth friendly goodness of Community Education and Insight Theatre to more schools and organizations in Ottawa.  As always, we loved working with the very talented Lenny Kuiper Designs to create these materials. Watch for the big reveal coming soon!

It is the season for parties... from Halloween to New Year's there are so many opportunities to celebrate.  Recently, an Insight alumni celebrated her 30th birthday party by using her own talents as an artist and those of her friends to host a fundraiser which included music, an art auction, massages, tarot card readings and much more.  A great time was had by all and they raised $250 for Insight!  Other committed folks will be hosting house parties where they will invite your guests to bring a donation instead of wine, with all of the office and informal gatherings going on, perhaps you too can add to our year-end fundraising?  We'll bring the festively wrapped condoms!  Let us know, we'd love to help!

Finally we want to thank you all for standing up for choice, the voices of Canadian women were heard and motion 312 was defeated.  We can breathe a bit easier now, but we must remain vigilant...  women's reproductive rights continue to be challenged.  Please continue to speak about why you believe choice is important, and we will continue to provide women with the best information and support we can as they navigate big decisions in their lives.

Thank you for all you do,
R & J