Volunteer Spotlight: Lauren D-H

We are pleased to introduce the PPO community to volunteer extraordinaire, LAUREN! Lauren has been with PPO since 2008, and this year alone, she has worked more than 150 volunteer hours (and counting!) for PPO in her various volunteer roles! We appreciate her incredible dedication, tenacity and hard work! 

Here is our Q&A with Lauren:

What first drew you to PPO?
I was volunteering with a British sexual health charity – Brook Advisory – before I moved to Canada, and wanted to continue that work. It's a way for me to give back to my community and help young people get sex-positive, unbiased advice and support. 

Tell us about yourself!
I'm originally British, and moved to Ottawa 8 years ago. My background is in politics, and I've worked in both British and Canadian Parliaments. I love cooking, travelling and am a bit of a twitter fiend. I have a large family, all back in the UK, who I miss very much. 

In what capacities have you been volunteering with PPO?
I started volunteering with PPO about 4 years ago as an options counsellor. I enjoy working with PPO so much that last November, I joined the board.

What does your day-to-day look like (aside from PPO!)?
I currently work for a large health charity, in communications and government relations, which takes up a fair part of my day. I'm also working on a side project – our first child is due next year – so most of my days at the moment feature a nap!

What do you most enjoy about volunteering at PPO?
The best part for me is seeing a woman leave the room after talking to me, knowing that because of PPO, she felt supported and un-judged, her choice is clearer and she has the information she needs to make the best decision for her. 

Best PPO memory/experience?
One of my best recent experiences was watching last year's Insight Theatre troop perform at the 30th anniversary gala. They blew me away! The descriptions of our flagship program simply can't do justice to these amazing, passionate, funny, honest and completely kick-ass young people. 

I also love the feeling of having a PPO family. I love the commitment and warmth of the staff, and the support they give volunteers like me, and the clients they work with.