Meet Laura-Lee

Laura-Lee loves labels. Her self-appointed labels include (but are not limited to): Mom, Wife, Full-time Student, Queer, Activist, Pro-Choice, Atheist, Girl Guide Leader, and Guerilla Knitter. 

Laura-Lee enjoys the subversive nature of being the ‘invisible Queer’ in her suburban Ottawa neighbourhood, being bisexual but married to a man and having two school-aged daughters and a Golden Retriever. She is in her fourth year at Carleton University’s School of Social Work and physically skipped around her home when she learned she got a placement opportunity with Planned Parenthood Ottawa, as she is a long-time advocate for choice and access for reproductive health and rights. Laura-Lee fondly remembers her early 90’s Riot Grrl days, and while she knows that she will never be that cool again, that background in early third-wave feminism and activism informs her roles as a mom and volunteer now. 

Laura-Lee is an avid knitter and believes that wearing handknit socks automatically improves one’s day. She spends her Monday nights with a rowdy gang of 5-6 year-olds as a Sparks leader, believes that Judy Blume is one of the best humans ever, her favourite TV show will always be The Kids In The Hall, and her favourite movie is The Princess Bride.