Did you know in Ottawa, it is estimated 3600+ people are living with HIV? Of those, about 25% have not been tested and do not know they are HIV positive.  This is a problem, and you can help to fix it.

The PPO Community Education Program brings savvy current info and workshops to more than 5000 people per year at schools and other organizations to help ensure that people know about testing, prevention, safer sex and risk reduction.  

Will you walk with us?  We are team Sexy Sassy PPO, and we want YOU!  The walk takes place on Sept 15th, and we have incentive prizes for fundraisers, and so does the AIDS Walk!  It will be a great day and the funds raised are critical for us this year.  

If you cannot walk, please pledge a gift, it only takes a minute and every small gift adds up.   We really need to reach out goal!  Join or give here!

Stuck on ideas for how to raise funds without actually asking people?  Yeah, it can feel daunting… for me facebook was a great generator of pledges.  I did lure people with the notion that they can vote on the colour of my hair for Pride IF they give to my campaign.  It’s working… and I am still plugging away at it!  Here are some more ideas to inspire you:

Bake Sales
Flower/plant Sales
Garage Sales
Lemonade or popcorn stand
Battle of the bands
Fashion show
Fitness challenge
Head shave, hair cutting, hair colouring
Ladies Nights/Guys Night
Local talent show or karaoke nights
Movie Nights
Scavenger Hunt
Food promotion/special: full or partial proceeds for food and drink items such as a signature drink or a
particular meal Dinner/Cocktail parties
International food night/potluck
Pancake breakfast
Spaghetti dinner
Car washes
Casual Days
Coin drive
Gift wrapping
Face painting
Balloon Tying
Theme parties 
An “a-thon”: dancing, skipping, bowling, yoga etc – use your imagination!
Golf Tournaments 
Sport Tournaments
Cook Off


Thanks to the Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life, hundreds of people throughout our community will receive vital information about safer sex, HIV/AIDS testing and condom use.

PPO’s education and outreach programs help more than 10,000 people become smarter and safer every year.