Insight Theatre: Gala and Memories

On June 2nd, Ottawa City Hall’s Jean Pigott Hall will transform for an evening of theatre, music and memories. Insight Theatre, an innovative education program run by Planned Parenthood Ottawa, is celebrating its 30th season with style. The program, which trains teens to develop and deliver a performance about topics related to sexual health, is a great way to communicate sensitive topics to teen audiences. 

Our Program Coordinator Nadine Thornhill recounts sitting in the back of an auditorium, overhearing some teenage boys snicker about a scene on coming out. By the end of the performance, however, their attitude had changed. “They got quieter and quieter throughout the performance. Then one said to the others ‘I get it,’” recalls Thornhill. “That’s the magic of Insight. It make it these subjects real.” Over the years, Insight has changed format, but has never shied away from the tough topics. 

“Gender diversity, contraception, sexual orientation, communication and love. These are important subjects for many teens,” says Thornhill. “Insight touches on all of them in a relatable, often funny, sometimes moving, way.” 

Britt Pegan, a one-time Insight performer who now owns the local breastfeeding and maternity store Milkface, notes that the program is also great for the teenage performers. “It was amazing for my self-confidence,” says Pegan. “Giving performances to hundreds of kids my age about condoms, and herpes and being gay-let’s just say that nothing scared me after that! I think giving kids the confidence and tools to make safer sex choices is a great reason to celebrate!”

So join PPO on June 2nd to share the the magic of Insight. You can buy tickets online at or at the PPO office using cash or cheque.  

Tickets are $50
Students (any age) $20

Dancing Music Special Performance Silent Auction Cash BarT

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Music Provided by DJ Morris Rothman