Meet Hillary: Our Summer Placement Student!

PPO welcomes Hillary, whose dedication and passion for providing inclusive, supportive, and non-judgmental services is what initially drew her to PPO. Hillary comes to us with a B.A in Applied Human Sciences, and is currently in the final few months of her Bachelor of Social Work at McGill University. 

When she lived in Toronto Hillary worked for an alternative youth counselling service, and later volunteered with Alterheros and Head & Hands when she was in Montreal. Hillary is very excited to be a part of PPO at such an integral time as we fundraise and advocate for our programs like never before. 

Spare time is a concept that Hillary has not been very familiar with for the past two years, but when such a thing does exist she can usually be found exploring and hiking around Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Hillary is thrilled to be doing her placement at PPO where she is meeting and working with like-minded, passionate, and all around awesome people.