Rachel’s PPO Journey Continues

You may have seen us in the news a bit lately; it has been a busy month. The community is taking note as we are working hard to try to bridge the gap in our funding. I extend thanks on behalf of volunteers, staff, clients and everyone here at PPO for the generous response we have had so far. We still have a long way to go, so if you can help with a one-time or monthly donation, please do not hesitate, every gift makes a real difference.

The Annual General Meeting is coming up on June 12th at 6 pm, at the Sunnyside Public Library. All are welcome to attend, and all contributors (active volunteers and donors) are considered voting members of the organization. We are looking forward to some exciting presentations from a year of reflection and evaluation of our programs and of youth sexuality in the community – there have been some interesting results, and new directions and refinements that come out of this too. It is also quite gratifying that the evaluations also show that our programs are effective and participants are benefiting from their experiences with us… but I will let the presenters tell that story.

The Insight Gala is going to be so lovely! The Board recently heard about a performance by the current troupe at the University of Ottawa – an utterly RAVE REVIEW! I am very excited to see them in action and to meet all of the alumni who will be there. The decorations committee have been busy like a prom committee, making real the vision of our designer (and former PPO staffer) Gemma Bonham-Carter from The Sweetest Digs (www.thesweetestdigs.com) some unique wines and local beer have been ordered and everyone is looking forward to the Zen Kitchen treats and Bridgehead Coffee. Did I mention the silent auction – I must say that somewhere between the Opera Lyra tickets, Chateau Weekend, and Venus Envy delights… there is something for everyone.

It looks like the “personhood” debate may take place in June, and the anti-choice movement is rallying to try to ensure it does not go away without a fight. Please stay tuned in to help to ensure that we do not become complacent and lose any ground on this important issue. Keep the message going to your MPs and please continue to support PPO so that we can provide the unbiased sexual and reproductive health education and support that our community needs.

Wishing everyone a delightful spring – and hope to see you at one of our many activities in the next month!